To Be a Christian – An Anglican Catechism
By The Catechesis Task Force
Written by a team of theologians and teachers comprehensive of the various theological schools of thought within the Anglican tradition,To Be a Christian – An Anglican Catechism is an in depth but very usable articulation of the Christian faith that will also prove to be a resource for Christians in other traditions. This catechism includes 345 Questions & Answers with practical applications – all in simple modern English. Each section begins with an explanation especially intended for those with no prior knowledge of Christianity. This superb special edition features a bonded-leather, gold foil cover, gilt-edge pages, a ribbon bookmark, a presentation page, and an Introduction by the eminent theologian J.I. Packer. 
In the early church converts underwent systematic teaching called catechesis leading up to their baptism. Sadly, the practice of catechizing adults to any degree has declined to the point of ceasing altogether in most of today’s churches. To Be a Christian aims to correct this. It is meant as a tool for all comers – the adult inquirer, the new convert, and the long-time believer seeking deeper grounding in the full reality of Christian faith and life. Essential Christian instruction is presented in today’s language, drawing on the three traditional foundations of catechesis: The Apostles’ Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments.
Tens of millions of Anglicans on six continents trace their tradition back through the centuries to the bishops and martyrs of the English Reformation, like Thomas Cranmer, to laymen like William Wilberforce who led the abolition of the slave trade in England, to missionaries ancient and more modern like Augustine of Canterbury and St. Patrick who spread the Gospel throughout the British Isles, and to the more than 9,000 men and women of the Church Missionary Society who in its 200 year history spread the Anglican tradition worldwide. A lucid statement of the Apostolic Faith that Anglicans share with all Christians,

To Be A Christian is truly a resource for the entire Body of Christ. It is offered with the prayer that it may serve to build up the Body of Christ by helping many to full Christian faith, and faithfulness, in today’s increasingly post-Christian world.

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