The Way Forward— Nurturing New Believers
By The Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Green
This little book was written to help new Christians make the transition to a wholly different life on which they’ve now embarked. The Way Forward stands as a bridge between the non-Christian, or the merely nominal church member, and those who are actively enjoying the warm relationships of fellowship in Christ. Sadly, there is a real shortage of materials that can be used to address the critical need of nurturing a new believer. New believers definitely need some help if they are going to be able to adjust to the fresh world of being in Christ!
In “The Way Forward” Michael Green gives us exactly what is needed: a very refreshingly straightforward path but a theologically sound one that also leaves room for the Holy Spirit to work. It is aimed at those who have recently come to personal faith in Christ but is of value for any Christian. The content has already proved to be fruitful, having been extensively tested in both church and university settings in America and the U.K.


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