The 39 Articles of Religion:
A Commentary with Introduction to Systematic Theology
by John Rodgers
A fresh and sympathetic exposition of the faith expressed in the official and historic Anglican confession, John Rodgers’ contemporary treatment is a winsome blend of rigorous theology, biblical scholarship, and pastoral sensitivity. This eBook version of a 767 page print edition is searchable and contains the detailed general and scripture indexes.

The historic Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion are an anchor for Anglican theology, revered but seldom studied carefully, even in theological colleges. This long-awaited eBook explains both their biblical foundations and practical applications in ways that are rewarding for clergy and accessible to lay leaders. The Articles are a series of affirmations on key issues, grouped as follows: Articles 1-5 – The creedal doctrine of God the triune Savior; Articles 6-8 – The reliability of Canonical Scripture (books listed); Articles 9-19 – Salvation by grace only by faith only; Articles 19-31 – Specifics on the church and sacraments; Articles 32-39 – Order and discipline in the then newly-reformed Church of England.

The 39 Articles were and remain a reformed declaration of the Apostolic Faith. A fresh and sympathetic exposition of the official and historic Anglican confession, Rodgers’ contemporary treatment graces a book that will endure as a resource for those who battle for the original, continuing Apostolic faith that defines real Anglicanism versus a watered-down and washed away “theology” that would gut Christianity in the name of modernity.

Laced with Rodgers’ usual flair and wisdom this work should go a long way in providing a sound guide for Anglican pastors and theologians throughout the world.
U.S. $9.95 (eBook Version only)
ISBN 9780986044182