Texts For Common Prayer
By The Liturgy and Common Worship Task Force
The first trial installment of an ACNA Book of Common Prayer contains Daily Morning Prayer, Daily Evening Prayer, Supplemental Canticles for Worship, Holy Communion, Long Form, Holy Communion, Short Form and The Ordinal. With the exception of the Ordinal which has been authorized and adopted, and is the Ordinal of the Province, the other materials offered in Texts For Common Prayer are “working texts” approved for use by the College of Bishops. These working texts are not yet finalized, awaiting response from their wide use in the Church. With that in mind, these rites are commended as appropriate forms of worship in the present season. The Archbishop’s instruction to the Liturgy and Common Worship Task Force was the production of rites that were “so faithful and attractive that the Church would want to use them.” The hope in making Texts For Common Prayer available now is to give evidence that the assignment is well under way, and to invite the whole Body of Christ into the process of receiving and perfecting.
Texts for Common Prayer is a durable high quality trade paperback for regular church use. It is printed on prayer book quality paper with its rubrics (instructions) in red.
U.S. $7.95
ISBN 9780986044106