Holy Matrimony Presentation Booklet
by The Anglican Church in North America
The Anglican Church in North America’s presentation booklet titled Holy Matrimony introduces a new resource for pastoral ministry by the clergy. It contains the Church’s new Rite of Holy Matrimony. The clergy is to take great care to prepare all candidates for Holy Matrimony, and this attractively printed booklet is a resource to that end, and may also be a treasured keepsake for the couple. The attractively printed booklet can be used to conduct the wedding service, serve in premarital instruction, and as a teaching tool for the church as it fosters a fresh culture of faithful and godly marriage. The overarching purpose of the Holy Matrimony booklet is to help make the renewal of marriage and family life a priority of our Church. In it you will find not only the exact text of the new rite, but in addition there are duplicate copies of the Marriage Certificates and a Declaration of Intention to be married. There is also a supplemental liturgy for use with the Declaration of Intention.


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