The Global Anglican Communion

Stephen Noll has been a watchman and participant in Anglican affairs over the past quarter century, as a priest and educator in the USA and Uganda. This highly readable anthology of his writings, often written in the heat of the battle, chronicles the departure of the Anglican establishment in North America and England from classic Christian teaching on Scripture, marriage, and church order. Here is a profound biblical and theological apologia for the Anglican Church in North America and the wider GAFCON/Global South movement. It is also a chronicle of where we have been these past 25 years, and a vision of where we might go as an orthodox “Global Anglican Communion.”

This volume is endorsed by Anglican Archbishops, Bishops and scholars around the world. It will also be of interest to those in other traditions, as it seeks to articulate an ecumenical Christian orthodoxy, which has been an historic Anglican goal.

The following world leaders and scholars have soundly endorsed The Global Anglican Communion:

Bishop Mouneer Anis
Canon Phil Ashey
Bishop Bill Atwood
Archbishop Foley Beach
Archbishop Robert Duncan
Professor Joseph Galgalo
Professor Edith Humphrey
Bishop Jack Iker
Archbishop Peter Jensen
Bishop Grant LeMarqand
Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali
Dr. Ashley Null
Archbishop Nicolas Okoh
Professor James Packer
Bishop Rennis Ponniah
Fr. Patrick Reardon
The Rev’d Vaughn Roberts
Dr. John Senyoni
Dr. Mark Thompson
Dr. Philip Turner
Professor Kevin Vanhoozer
Archbishop Eliud Wabukala
Bishop Tito Zavala
The first section of the book contains essays on three “paving stones” of the classic Anglican way: “reading the Bible as the Word of God”; marriage as “two sexes, one flesh”; and “communing with Christ” on the nature of the doctrine and discipline of the church. Dr. Noll claims that each of these basic doctrines have been undermined by Western revisionists, which in turn has led to the torn fabric of the Anglican Communion.
The second section covers what Noll calls “the Road to GAFCON” (the 2008 Global Anglican Future Conference, that met in Jerusalem in opposition to the Lambeth Conference). He carefully explains the teaching of the two historic documents of this period: the 1998 Lambeth “Resolution I.10 on Human Sexuality” and the Jerusalem Statement and Declaration of GAFCON, and he argues that the true trajectory of Anglican tradition passes through the Global South, not Canterbury.
The third section of the book speaks to the “Road Ahead.” Here Prof. Noll casts a vision of a reformed Global Anglican Communion characterized by conciliar governance, an over-arching covenant, and a united resolve to carry forward Jesus’ Great Commission in the face of militant Islam and militant secularism.
Dr. Noll concludes:
“I want to commend to readers the vision of a renewed and reformed Global Anglican Communion, a communion of churches that builds on the heritage of the Church of England and represents the emerging leadership of formerly colonial Anglican churches, whereby the oversight of doctrine and discipline has shifted from Canterbury to the Global South. My hope is that readers will find in these essays not only warnings against false teaching but also loving witness to the one holy catholic and apostolic Church and to the Lord of the Church.”

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