Feature: Gold In the Road

Through the Cancer Storm With Jesus Christ
“More than 1.5 million people each year will enter a storm of life-threatening proportions we call cancer. And at least 1 woman in 8 will suffer breast cancer in their lifetime – 650,000 each year. The great fear that accompanies a cancer diagnosis is surpassed only by the heavy toll treatment takes on the patient’s physical, emotional, relational and spiritual life.
This book powerfully demonstrates that the presence of Jesus Christ can turn the tide of a cancer storm, making the journey not just bearable but even beautiful. Gold in the Road is the account of a woman pastor who was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer and faced every hardship and treatment a breast cancer sufferer can encounter. In her journey through cancer treatment she discovered the presence of Christ in a new and far deeper way. This is a serious book (laced with humor and anecdotes) that will inform, educate, and encourage cancer sufferers, their loved ones, and anyone encountering a life-changing crisis.”

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