The Global Anglican Communion

Stephen Noll has been a watchman and participant in Anglican affairs over the past quarter century, as a priest and educator in the USA and Uganda. This highly readable anthology of his writings, often written in the heat of the battle, chronicles the departure of the Anglican establishment in North America and England from classic Christian teaching on Scripture, marriage, and church order. Here is a profound biblical and theological apologia for the Anglican Church in North America and the wider GAFCON/Global South movement. It is also a chronicle of where we have been these past 25 years, and a vision of where we might go as an orthodox “Global Anglican Communion.”

This volume is endorsed by Anglican Archbishops, Bishops and scholars around the world. It will also be of interest to those in other traditions, as it seeks to articulate an ecumenical Christian orthodoxy, which has been an historic Anglican goal.

Feature: Gold In the Road

Through the Cancer Storm With Jesus Christ
“More than 1.5 million people each year will enter a storm of life-threatening proportions we call cancer. And at least 1 woman in 8 will suffer breast cancer in their lifetime – 650,000 each year. The great fear that accompanies a cancer diagnosis is surpassed only by the heavy toll treatment takes on the patient’s physical, emotional, relational and spiritual life.