Anglican Ecclesiology and the Gospel
by John Fenwick
“Ecclesiology” is the study of the very nature of the Church. Though he is an Anglican Bishop, John Fenwick, PhD, demonstrates for us all that ecclesiology isn’t an appendix to the gospel lies at the very heart of communion with God – calling us back to the Apostolic and Biblical roots of faith and practice rather than forward to “modernization.” Ecclesiology is not a matter of choosing sides on “core” issues of the day and applying church life to them but, rather, it is a matter of faithfulness to the apostolic tradition that has been handed to the Church, primarily within the Scriptures, and then living it out in the daily life of the Church. Fenwick is a master at showing us the interconnections while never losing sight of the ultimate authority of Holy Scripture. He strongly engages with the greater story of the Church Catholic: Eastern and Western. His footnotes and bibliography are a goldmine alone. Here is that literary rarity: a most scholarly work that is also a “good read.”
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