Anglican Con-cil-i-a-rism—The Church Meeting to Decide Together
by Phil Ashey
This book is about how Anglicans can find each other around a common confession of faith and doctrine in a coherent way that is Biblical, apostolic, catholic and classically Anglican. Its premise is simple: Conciliar decision making (placing final ecclesiastical authority in church councils) has never been practiced at the international level of the Anglican Communion, where governance developed through “bonds of affection” while there was still a shared faith and doctrine. That consensus collapsed during the 20th Century, so that survival of the Anglican Communion is now in question. What would it look like if, at the international level, Anglicans were to make decisions together in the same conciliar way of decision-making that is found among the national Anglican Churches and their sub-jurisdictions? Such an extrapolation “From below” begins by examining the laws of various Anglican Churches to identify the common principles and practices of the “Church meeting to decide together.”
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